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Are you looking for end of tenancy carpet cleaning in Claremont?

For over 20 years we have been helping people in Claremont get their full rental deposit back. When we clean your carpets after you move out they will look like they are brand new.

We are partnered with lots of landlords in Claremont. We are their preferred provider for the final end of tenancy carpet clean that needs to be completed.

When you are going to be booking in your final cleaning with us the longer ahead you book the better. This just ensures that you get the time slot you are looking for.

Something else to note is that you shouldn’t go through any cleaning brokers or your landlord. They are known for adding anywhere from 15% to 50% on top of our fee. This is how they make extra money just for making a single phone call to book in your cleaning.

Want to know the best part about hiring us? We have a really good reputation in Claremont. We are known for being the company that comes into your property with dirty carpet and floors. But when we leave it looks like we did zero cleaning. But, rather put in new carpets. Our cleaning methods are that good!

If you are concerned about your rental deposit then you are in the right place. When we clean your carpet we guarantee that your carpet will pass the final inspection your landlord will perform. As long as there is no irreversible damage.

When you are planning your move then it’s best to schedule your carpet cleaning the day after you have moved everything. Or the day after the moving company you hired has finished their work. Removalists can actually make a mess in your property. So booking your cleaning is best suited for once the property is completely empty.

Don’t wait! Get booked in today. Call us on (289) 312-0067